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About Squarebase

Our marketing strategies have led hundreds of our clients to make breakthroughs in their businesses. We’re proud to contribute to the return on the investment. Our passion for what we do best speaks for itself. Join and scale.

Learn. Adapt. Grow.

We're Exclusive to Home Service Contractors

And Small Local Business Owners

Our innovations, strategies and marketing are evolving at Squarebase Media. From this, we apply all our knowledge and efforts to the work we do for our clients. We’re proud to be a part of something small that is continuously expanding into something bigger each day.

Industries We Service

Home Service Contractors

We connect home service businesses with motivated customers actively seeking their help, generating a steady stream of qualified leads.

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Small Businesses

We have experience in the small business world. So, we understand the challenges small businesses face. We can craft strategies and solutions that meet your unique needs and tackle your specific problems.

Our Journey

Squarebase Media was founded to help local home service businesses outperform their competition and shine in their markets, all at an affordable cost.

Think back to 2017. The founder, Victor, was eager to learn and connect with local businesses. So, he dove into the digital marketing world. He had a strong passion for Website Design and Development, SEO, and Content Strategy. He understood the combination of all skills boosted traffic for small and medium-sized businesses he had partnered with.

Despite facing challenges, Victor learned valuable lessons from failures. He became skilled in marketing, differentiating between effective and ineffective strategies. Creating websites that were not only designed for user experience but, most importantly, converted at their highest.

Now, Victor and his team at Squarebase Media are shining in the digital landscape with innovative strategies. From lead generation to tailored offers for various businesses, Squarebase excels in turning opportunities into success.

Victor has built efficient systems and continuously trains his team to operate smoothly like a well-oiled machine. As a digital captain, he guides clients away from ineffective marketing tactics and toward success.

Cheers to Victor and Squarebase Media team, the digital heroes making a difference, pixel by pixel.

Our Specialization

At Squarebase, we believe in using data to guide our strategies so we can help you achieve your goals effectively.

We specialize in improving the online presence of home service contractors and small businesses. By carefully studying data and understanding what works well in your industry, we create customized solutions that bring you real results. Whether it’s boosting your website’s visibility in search engines, enhancing your online image, or running focused marketing campaigns, our aim is to help you succeed.

With Squarebase, you can count on us to provide strategies supported by knowledge and experience, leading to measurable success for your business.

Who we work with

Squarebase Media’s goal is simple: we help contractors stand out and land profitable jobs. We’re unique because we use our owner’s expertise and insights from the field. This strategy helps us gain Google’s trust, ensuring they recognize your skills and attract the right clients.

We work with:

  • General Contractors

  • Small Local Businesses

  • Roofing, HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Contractors

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