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Paid Search Advertising for Home Service Contractors (PPC)

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Gain an edge by leveraging our powerful Paid Search Advertising service for your home service contracting business. Let’s discuss how our PPC strategies combine well with other marketing services in our program. It’s time to propel your home service business to the top of Google search results.

Get to the Top of Google Search with PPC Services for Contractors

Want to elevate your business in search results? Try Squarebase’s PPC advertising. It swiftly connects your services with eager customers, bypassing the slow pace of organic growth.

Our PPC services for home services not only increase traffic but also attract targeted leads. Whether it’s a new roof, HVAC services, kitchen remodeling, restoration projects, deck installation, or fence installation, our campaigns ensure you’re the top choice.

We prioritize your ROI. Our strategy involves crafting effective campaigns using the best keywords and smart bidding to maximize your investment. At Squarebase, we make sure you get the most value from your PPC efforts.

Create, Gain Data and Scale

Google Ads for Home Service Contractors

Squarebase’s PPC approach excels. It crafts targeted campaigns and gathers insightful data to boost performance. It also scales efforts for maximum ROI. This ensures your services reach eager customers well.

Campaign Setup

This marks the start of your PPC journey. We will carefully set up your account. We will create campaigns with specific targeting. And, we will organize ad groups for maximum efficiency. This process guarantees that your ads will reach the right audience at the perfect moment. It lays the groundwork for great outcomes.

Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords is crucial. We'll research and find terms. These are what your customers search for. We'll also pick out negative keywords. These will avoid irrelevant searches. Thus, your ad spend will be wisely used.

Crafting Ad Copy

Your ads are like a digital storefront. They show your brand's best features to grab attention. Our skilled copywriters craft compelling ad copy highlighting your unique selling points, encouraging users to click and learn more. We use A/B testing to ensure your ads have the most impact. This process compares two ad versions to see which one resonates best with your target audience, refining your ads for better results.

Landing Page Optimization

Create a seamless online experience by ensuring every element works together. We'll review your landing pages to guarantee they match your ad's message, using consistent tone, language, and visuals. Clear calls to action are also crucial. We'll make sure they stand out, are simple, and prompt action. For example, "Sign up now and get 20% off" works better than "Learn more". We'll identify and fix any customer experience issues, such as slow loading times, complicated forms, or confusing menus, to increase conversions

Maximizing Budget Efficiency

We help you get the most from your ad budget. Our expert reviews every bid to ensure top value. We combine manual and automated strategies for accurate, cost-effective ad placement, getting you top spots without overspending.

Tracking Conversions

Find hidden opportunities in your business data to drive success. Our team sets up conversion tracking to identify lead and sale sources. This data gives you a roadmap to improve campaigns, making smart choices and boosting profits.

Drive Calls, and Booked Jobs

Contractor Paid Search Services

We focus on honest PPC and SEO services for lasting success. Our strategy follows Google’s rules for long-term growth. What makes us different is our clear plans, using data to make choices, and always improving to get you the best results.

Smart Targeting

It’s not just about keywords, it’s about understanding your ideal customer inside and out. We’ll pinpoint their pain points, their search patterns, and where they hang out online. This laser focus translates directly into high-quality leads.

Ongoing Optimization

When you work with us on PPC, it’s an ongoing process. We carefully study results, adjust campaigns, and make sure your money is used wisely. Think of us as your engine for PPC growth, always improving to get you better results.

Transparency & Trust

You’ll always know where things stand. We believe in clear communication, detailed reports, and explaining why we do what we do. We follow search engine rules closely for a reliable, long-lasting PPC strategy.

Research, Build Campaigns, Optimize and Go-Live.

We believe in using data and being open about how we handle PPC for home service contractors. Here’s how we work with you to get great results:

  1. PPC Audit: If you’re already running PPC ads, we start with a thorough audit. We find new chances, point out where you can improve, and give you a clear view of your current strategy.

  2. Your Custom Plan: With what we learn, we create a PPC plan just for your goals, the customers you want, and your budget. No one-size-fits-all plans here!

  3. Launch Time: We carefully set up your plan, getting ads out on the best platforms for more people to see.

  4. Always Getting Better: PPC changes all the time. We watch your numbers, adjust how much we offer for clicks, try different ads, and make your landing pages even better. Every campaign should bring as much success as it can.

  5. Easy-to-Understand Talk: You’ll always know what’s going on. We give you reports that are simple to get, showing you the most important things. We’re there to say why we’re doing things and to cheer with you when we win.

Partner with a passionate team focused on your success.

  • Have a team that is committed to your success! We will keep you informed every step of the way about progress and results.

  • Your personal account manager will make sure your needs are always taken care of. We make choices based on data to ensure your campaigns are as effective as they can be.

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By partnering up with Squarebase Media, you don’t just get the typical marketing services, you get a full team that has thousands of hours of experience running marketing for your exact market. We know the ins and outs of what works, how your customers and clients tick. Find out how we can get you the results you need to grow your small business into something bigger.

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SEO is like training for a marathon—slowly building your site’s strength for better search rankings. PPC is a shortcut, putting your ads at the top with paid placement. Both are important ways to succeed online!

Definitely! It’s pointless to show your roof repair ad to someone far away. Location targeting is crucial in PPC for home services. You can be very specific—targeting your neighborhood, city, or any service area that fits your business.

Finding the right bid in PPC is like bidding at an auction. Your cost per click depends on competition for the same keywords in your area. Start small. Track results closely. Adjust your budget based on what brings success.

You can measure the success of your PPC campaigns by tracking key metrics. Use analytics tools to track these metrics. Adjust your campaigns based on what works best for your business.

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